About us

DANO is a non-profit association for landowners, canoe rental companies and municipalities in the Dalsland Nordmarken lake district. DANO’s aim is to promote canoe tourism by providing and servicing lakeside wilderness campsites. This is financed by the sale of Nature Conservation Cards to the guests who use the campsites in the lake system.

Landowners, canoe rental companies and municipalities in Dalsland and Nordmarken have been cooperating for many decades, and organized canoe tourism in the lake district has been in effect since the mid-1950s. Over the years, major investments have been made in the 110-odd campsites to ensure that guests are received in an orderly fashion. To secure these investments and ensure a positive development of canoe tourism, a non-profit association was formed in 2015.

From 2014 to 2016, a development project for canoe tourism and other initiatives was implemented in the Dalsland Nordmarken lake district. This project was carried out through a number of meetings with landowners, canoe companies, municipalities, county councils, environment protection agencies and other stakeholders. An extensive survey was also conducted to gather feedback from visitors who bought Nature Conservation Cards and used the campsites in the lake system. One happy finding from the survey was the high overall satisfaction of visitors.

Development initiatives are carried out under the project Dalsland Canal District Business Development, which is financed by Region Västra Götaland, Region Värmland, Fyrbodal Federation of Local Government Authorities, Värmland County Council, all municipalities in the district, Turistrådet Västsverige AB, Visit Värmland and others.

Other initiatives of the project include a new website describing DANO and showing the locations of the campsites, a canal app providing information on canoeing and other tourism in the Dalsland Canal, and a new edition of the Canoe Land handbook.

The long-term challenge for DANO is to finance the development of campsites and identify needs for new investments in canoe tourism.

Board of Directors for the DANO non-profit association consists of the following members:
Owe Lindström, ordförande owe@dalslandnordmarken.se
Mike Doubrawsky, Annika Platzer, suppl Christer Fransson
Magnus Andreasson , Lars-Olov Strömner, suppl Bengt Svan
Thorill Pettersson, Crister Blüme, suppl Johan Liljeqvist

Ideell förening för hållbar kanotturism inom Dalsland-Nordmarkens sjösystem (DANO)
Centrumvägen 2
Tel: +46 (0)730 615184

Jürgen Parth, norra delen av sjösystemet
Christian Lärka, södra delen av sjösystemet

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