It is always important to clean up after yourself and not to leave rubbish or food remains in nature. Here we have gathered information to help you keep nature as clean as possible

DANO garbage container

It is important not to leave rubbish at the DANO campsite or in nature! Put the rubbish in our garbage containers or bins. You can find these on the maps and on this page. There are also waste disposal stations at your canoe rental company. The DANO containers are financed by the sale of nature conservation cards. A valid nature conservation card is required to use the containers.

Location – Coordinatats

  • Blomma   –   59,277961   / 11,963951
  • Skåpafors  – 59,023373 / 12,274073
  • Skifors  – 59,139142 / 12,246388
  • Krokfors  – 59,178326 / 12,231437
  • Lennartsfors   –   59,319423 / 11,89959
  • Fölinseviker/Fölsbyn  –  59,390552 / 11,999665
  • Sillebotten  –  59,276592 / 12,393312
  • Signebyn  –  59,27945 / 12,298052
  • Töcksfors Camping   –  59,502053  / 11,855676
  • Östervallskog   –   59,63912 / 11,864136
  • Ed  –   58,919182 / 11,9352447

If you want to see the location of a dumpster or campsite on the map, go below and search in your area.

DANO campsites and garbage containers

DANO Toilets!

Do not throw rubbish in the toilets! The function of environmental composting is destroyed by waste. It is also forbidden to throw embers and cigarette stubs into the toilet, which can lead to an explosion or sudden fire. At DANO campsites, there are sometimes toilet tanks without a toilet housing – these should not be mistaken for rubbish containers!

Recycling centres in the region

Our nature thanks you when you recycle. Every time you recycle your waste correctly, you contribute to a more sustainable visit to Sweden and take care of our nature. The website contains important information on how to sort your waste correctly.

Find a recycling centre – FTI

Please help us to take care of nature!